Themes and Topics

Call for paper

Papers are invited on research in Electrical and Information Technologies related with Rail Transportation, including but not limited to the following topics:

AREA 1: Novel Traction Drive Technologies of Rail Transportation

  • New technology application of power electronics
  • Advanced microcomputer control technology
  • Traction motor and its new control technology
  • New Rail Traction and Power Supply Technology
  • Traction system efficiency improvement control technology
  • Traction safety control technology
  • Energy fusion traction and power supply technology
  • Multi-source hybrid power technology for rail
  • Rail Traction and Power Supply PHM Technology
  • Traction adaptation technology for Beijing-Zhangjiakou line and Sichuan-Tibet line
  • Traction power supply technology for high-speed trains
  • Maglev Traction Power Supply Technology
  • Next-generation train traction power supply technology

AREA 2: Rail Transportation System Safety and Maintenance Technology
  • Rail Transportation System Safety and Risk Analysis 
  • Train operation safety monitoring, prewarning and maintenance
  • Infrastructure security testing and maintenance technology
  • Monitoring and early warning of rail operating environment
  • Passenger flow and human factor safety technology
  • Rail Transportation system PHM technology
  • Rail Transportation System Safety Factor Modeling and Simulation
  • Rail Transportation System Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Forecast 
  • Rail Transportation System RAMS
  • Rail Transportation emergency command and management
  • Train health management technology
  • Active Safety Prevention and Control Technology for Rail

AREA 3: Rail Transportation Information Technology
  • Intelligent railway system and technology
  • Rail Transportation big data analysis technology
  • Rail Transportation CPS information fusion technology
  • Rail Transportation cloud/edge computing technology
  • Rail Transportation Internet of Things/Sensor Network Technology
  • Rail Transportation artificial intelligence technology
  • Rail Transportation video/voice processing technology
  • New technology of Train network 
  • Rail Transportation next generation communication technology
  • Advanced/unmanned train operation control technology
  • Rail Transportation passenger and freight e-commerce technology
  • Rail Transportation network information security technology

AREA 4:Rail Transportation operation and management technology
  • Rail Transportation System Modeling and Analysis
  • analysis and forecasting technology of Passenger and freight demand
  • Optimization of train operation planning
  • Train Dispatch & Command and emergency response
  • analysis, forecast and controlling technology of passenger flow 
  • Railway Logistics Monitoring Command and Automation Technology
  • Station and operation automation technology
  • Station operation management and automation equipment
  • Rail Safety Supervision Technology
  • Comprehensive Governance and emergency rescue of rail